Salvage Exhibition will be held at Centrespace Gallery in November 2021, and will feature works from Dreamy Ox art, Kappa V Kappa art, and my own work. It has been cancelled twice due to Covid, and was meant to take place March 2020. Initially, what brought our practices together was our dogged use of “found” materials and objects. Either from recycling, abandoned on curb-sides, or dropped from trees, branches and plants. 


Considering the events of the last 12 months, the theme has now widened out, encompassing the need to “salvage” our own practices whilst working during a pandemic. We already used scrap and found materials, but that narrowed in even further as resources were cut off. 


From a personal perspective, I have also been “Salvaging” my own work and it’s narrative - seeing what comes about under these new circumstances. 


Salvage also always looked to the future, and future worlds where materials were perhaps scarce. Little did we know that so much of the theme would come to pass. - follow for any updates.