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Hello! My name is Eloise. 


I’m an artist/curator who studied Foundation in Art and Design in Plymouth, before moving to Bristol to undertake my undergraduate degree in Fine Art followed by a MA in Curating (both at UWE). 


I was also raised in Australia, which I feel heavily fed into my sense of creativity. The flora & fauna found in Aus, as well as the quality of light is something I've noticed coming through in my paintings. I was also aware of this change when I moved to the UK and started working here. The change in seasons and climate meant different types of 

Some of my foraged works started from trips to the beach with my father, who was also an avid collector.


Steiner schooling also informed my sense of community and nurturing. We always looked out for our classmates, and that flowed over into my fine art degree. I definitely felt a person-centric art approach was helpful, which, combined with my inclination to support people, certainly led me to start mentoring a lot of my UWE peers within my bachelors degree. 


When Matthew Partington developed the UWE Curating MA, I was extremely excited, as he was a fantastic educator and I knew that he would be perfect in helping me develop my mentoring skills within the arts industry as well as enhancing my already found love of curating.


A lot of my passion revolves around community projects; having been Permaculture-educated and raised, I definitely look for the “out-of-the-box” approach, that definitely favours the underdog or those who ought to be benefitting more.


If you have a project, commission, or want to get in touch, please email:


Thank you for visiting my page and taking time to read a bit about me. I am excited to continue supporting fellow artists!

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