Eloise Dunwell grew up in Australia before moving to the UK in 2009 to pursue a career in art. She had an interest in education and attended a Steiner School - later putting this creative education to work during her art degree. 

The move to the UK started to inform her artist practice, which centred around "found objects" - leaves, beetles and seeds that were frozen in time once they were collected out of their natural environment.  

Her practice was based in inks - but also extended out to performative works, incorporating her love of music and film.

Her Fine Art course in Bristol encouraged her to set her sights even higher, completing a Masters in Curating. 

During her time in Bristol she worked with Public Arts organisation, Situations. This brought her into contact with several high profile artists, including Michael Sailstorfer, Katie Paterson, and last but not least, Artist Mundi award-winner, Theaster Gates.

She currently resides in Clevedon, outside of Bristol, taking on freelance Curatorial work and producing her own artworks.