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Photographs - Melanie Chitty and artist's own.

Papré was my own first solo show held November 2019. It was a retrospective of about 10 years of artworks and art objects. My practice usually spans a few different disciplines, including music and performance art, “found objects”, (which I count as sculptural), and abstract ink works based on natural forms and patterns found from my collection of shells, dried petals, leaves and flowers.


The concept “Papré” specifically was about a plethora of objects washing up on the metaphorical shore of one’s life. It was essentially an ode to being a paper-hoarder, and being able to recognise hanging onto every little piece of memorabillia. “Papré” showcased over 20 framed 2D works, a fabricated “artists studio” corner with journals and bookcases and the guestbook, some performative works on DVD, and a central sculpture of a “Red Tent” representing the womb, and my connection to my childhood in Australia underneath mosquito nets. This was an interactive area, and had pens and paper for visitors to the show, and was also where I hosted my origami journal workshop, and poetry workshop. 


Papré Exhibition, 2019


Papré Exhibition, 2019


Papré Exhibition, 2019


Papré Exhibition, 2019


Guestbook, equipped with stamps as part of the "artists studio" recreation.


 "Artists studio" recreation. (Installation).


Video Works


Audience engagement - blank canvases were provided for visitors to make their own flower mandalas.
After several days this sculpture started to naturally decompose, giving the gallery a smell of fresh earth to visitors who commented on how calming it was as they came in from the city.


"Green Studies" 2011, Eloise Dunwell


"Lost" 2014, Eloise Dunwell


"Naturals" hexatpych, 2011, Eloise Dunwell

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