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Photography by Max Mclure, images courtesy of Situations. 

Katie Paterson's "Hollow" features samples from over 10,000 trees, dating back to fossilised first ferns, and spanning samples from the largest trees, and oldest trees on record. The sculpture sits outside of the Life Sciences building at Bristol University, Part of my Curatorial placement involved matching some of the thousands of tree samples acquired to their endemic countries, in order to ensure the artwork had samples from all over the world. I was also present answering questions about the work during Paterson's take-over of Arnolfini, in which she was sorting through samples and colours to build the artwork. The process was featured on "What do Artists Do All Day".

The canopy of the installation is made to feel as though one is in a fresh, lookingu up and was made with architects Zeller & Moye. It wasn't sealed, so will age naturally as the untreated wood naturally would.

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